You are invited to an Eaton Training Event (1 CEU): August 23, 2016

2017 NEC Code Changes
How the coming changes will affect you and your customers
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You are invited to an Eaton Training Event (1 CEU):
August 23, 2016 • 12:00pm - 1:00pm CST
This training event will cover the very important 2017 NEC Code Changes,
their impact on SCCR, and how to best mitigate potential challenges.
Lunch will be provided
-- SCCR Basics
-- SCCR and how it pertains
to NEC 2017 code changes
-- Eaton tools for dealing
with SCCR
-- Questions and Answers
Eaton’s tools and resources to help navigate
the coming code changes:
• Industry-leading tools to help you
quickly determine available fault
current, SCCR of a control panel and
display component SCCR solutions
• Application engineers in every region are
available for support and training to help
identify your SCCR needs through free
• Wide-ranging product offering with
continued investment in testing and new
products, from fuses and circuit breakers
to power distribution blocks, terminal
blocks, disconnects, enclosures and
control equipment
• Product portfolio meets a wide range
of SCCR needs up to 200 kA, and limits
and lowers fault current
• A comprehensive portfolio of
engineering services for every stage
of a power system’s life cycle, including
fault current and arc ash studies
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