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Programme Speaker

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Opening Howard Cheng



Opening – Vice President for Analog Devices, Sales & Marketing, Asia

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ADI Track 1

ADI Track 2

Howie Jing

Lee Hai Poh

Analog Devices Software Defined Radio

Introduction of ADI AD9361/AD9364 SDR, FMCOMMSx boards and support resources.

Analog Devices RF Solution

Introduction of ADI RF products and application block diagram.

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Tea Break 1 -

XLX Track 1 Christopher Koh Xilinx Technology Roadmap

Updates on latest Xilinx’s silicon solutions and roadmap

Updates on detailed architecture on Zynq Multi-Processor System on Chip with

Quad-core 64-bit ARM A53 + Cortex R5 + FPGA in one chip

Learn more about Xilinx’s low cost solutions and the Spartan 7 roadmap

Customer case study - Using Xilinx in radio products and why Zynq is the most suitable for radio applications.

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XLX Track 2 Hoang Minh Tu

Design methodology for C/C++ based-designs-to-FPGA with Xilinx SDSoC software tools

Trying to improve system performance for your developed product?

Develop your next product on Zynq and discover new ways to make your C code run faster in the embedded system without the hassle of selecting MCU.

Learn about SDSoC design flow to profile your existing code, calculate theoretical speed up to generate a hardware co-processor, without the need to write a single line of HDL code!

XLX Track 3 Dam Chan Hung

Accelerate C/C++ based video application designs for FPGA using Xilinx SDSoC software tools

Learn how to build high performance video application using SDSoC! This session will show you how to make C code runs faster for video application!

Learn how to use SDSoC to partition the C code and accelerate it on FPGA logic in the Zynq!

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Speaker’s Profile:

Mr Howie Jing

is an Application Engineer with ADI for many years. He is experienced in SDR Solution and have a wealth of experiences working with Tier 1 customers globally on applications surrounding SDR type of solution.

Mr Christopher Koh

is currently working in Avnet as Field Applications Manager working on Xilinx products. He has worked for more than 10 years on digital IC design and FPGA based design; with experience in developing control and DSP based applications. He has a M.Eng in EEE from Nanyang Technological University. Previously he has worked as a Hardware Technical Lead in the defense industry developing FPGA based baseband processing engines for radar systems. In addition, he has also worked as the Principal

Engineer in Tech Source Systems supporting MATLAB products. His area of specializations include hardware/software co-design, FPGA based architectures and model based designs.

Mr Dam Chan Hung

is working in Avnet as Field Applications Engineer for Xilinx products. He has worked for six years on Xilinx FPGA based designs, targeting high-speed camera hardware in Japanese corporations. He has a B.Eng in Mechatronics and specializes in best-in-class FPGA design techniques and high speed PCB design.

Mr Hoang Minh Tu

is working in Avnet as Field Applications Engineer for Xilinx products. He has more than three years of experience in developing baseband processing algorithms for tactical SDR radios. He has extensive experience in modelling using

Simulink/MATLAB in DSP Processors/ FPGAs implementation.

Mr Lee Hai Poh

is working in Avnet as Staff Field Application Engineer. His experience includes RF, memory and analog products.