Heavy Haul
High Power Electric Locomotives
CNR Dalian Locomotives and Rolling Stock Co. Ltd.
and Bombardier Transportation, Division Locomotives
and Equipment, signed a contract in February 2007 for
the production of 500 heavy-haul Co’Co’ locomotives
with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency technology.
The first and highest power member of the Harmony (HX)
series electric locomotive, named HXD3B0001, was rolled
out from the workshop in Dalian city on 29.12.2008. This is
a world record for development, a great result for both companies. Never before was such a high power locomotive
(9 600 kW) built in a single carbody unit.
The design concept relies on Bombardier’s successful IORE
locomotives delivered to LKAB, Kiruna and presently running
in Northern Sweden and Norway. The mechanical design
was, however, adapted to the single section with dual cab
arrangement and for the increased 120 km/h speed.
Bombardier Locomotive’s scope of the new world class
locomotive is the vehicle design concept and the highly
sophisticated control and communication software and
diagnostics. In addition, Bombardier provides professional
coaching for employees of the partner company, focusing
on detailed design and adaptation engineering, as well as
manufacturing and assembly works, including testing and
product introduction.
Bombardier’s Business Unit Propulsion and Controls delivers major equipment to the new heavy-haul locomotives:
the most modern IGBT-controlled traction converter with
integrated auxiliary inverters and traction motor with nosesuspended drive unit and the TCMS control system. These
noble parts are based on the BOMBARDIER* MITRAC*
technology, tried and proven in the largest modern electric
and diesel-electric locomotive platform: BOMBARDIER*
TRAXX* locomotives.
Locomotives, Propulsion & Controls
High Power Electric Locomotives
MITRAC DR 3800 N V01
Vehicle General Data
Traction Converter, Type TC 3300 AC V07
Track gauge
1435 mm
Power at wheel
3.2 MW
Catenary voltage
25 kV, 50 Hz
Semi-conductor technology
Wheelset arrangement Co’Co’
Converters per vehicle
Axle load
25 t
Line circuits / converter
Max. traction power
9.6 MW
Motor converters / converter
Max. starting tractive effort
570 kN
Max. speed
120 km/h
Length over buffers
22 900 mm
Auxiliary Filtering Cubicle, Type AU 3340 V01
Max. width of carbody
2 950 mm
Auxiliary converter
Integrated in traction converter
Output voltage
460 V AC, 3 Phases
Wheel base
2 x 1950 mm
Output power
3 x 180 kVA
Wheel diameter
1250/1170 mm
Output frequency
2 x variable (max 60 Hz)
Service weight
approx. 150 t
1 x 60 Hz fix
Drive Unit, Type DR 3800 N V01
Bombardier Transportation
Brown Boveri-Strasse 5
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel +41 44 318 33 33
Fax+41 44 318 27 27
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Suspension type
Motor power
1632 kW
Forced air
Insulation class
Gear ratio
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