Driven by Reliability
Propulsion & Controls
MITRAC – High Power
according to your Needs
The BOMBARDIER* MITRAC* 3000 product portfolio
is a family of power supply and propulsion systems
for locomotives and high speed powerheads, as well
as control electronics and TCMS (Train Control and
Management Systems) for passenger and freight
MITRAC 3000 supports single and multi-system electric,
diesel and dual power solutions. The modular architecture
allows customized applications, based on standard and
field proven building blocks, to meet all requirements. The
synergy of high modularity, efficiency, reliability and
excellent maintainability provides low life cycle costs and
dependable revenue service.
Innovative designs, modern simulation tools and intensive
product testing ensure maximum performance and reliable
operation from day one, even under the toughest of
environmental conditions.
Bombardier offers single products as well as integrated
system solutions for propulsion and control equipment.
Based on comprehensive experience from all over the
world, Bombardier can, in close cooperation with the
customer, develop the optimal solution and exceed
MITRAC 3000 Applications
For medium and heavy haul freight and passenger
• Electric Locomotives
• Diesel Locomotives
• Dual Power Locomotives
• High Speed Powerheads
Reliable – and
Competitive Worldwide
0.75 kV DC
1.5 kV DC
3.0 kV DC
12 kV 25 Hz
15 kV 16.7 Hz
20 kV 60 Hz + 1.5 kV DC
25 kV 50 Hz
25 kV 60 Hz
50 kV 50 Hz
Boosting Customer Competitiveness
With its outstanding performance and compact design,
MITRAC 3000 is the most competitive high power propulsion
available for any power system and border crossing corridor in
the world. It answers vehicle manufacturers needs, and offers
railway operators innovative applications that increase their
competitiveness by increasing passenger and freight
customer attractiveness and decreasing operational costs.
Driven by Reliability
MITRAC 3000 powers the world’s most reliable locomotives
and powerheads - a result of uncompromisingly optimizing
the reliability of all our products. Bombardier designs for
reliability from the start, and also achieves excellent perfor­
mance. For passengers it means punctual departures,
comfortable trips, and on-time arrivals. For freight customers it
means dependable just-in-time logistics.
Exceeding Expectations
MITRAC 3000 meets customer requirements as well as
increasingly demanding industry standards and regulations,
today and in the future. Our ambition is to provide true
revenue generating solutions in order to exceed expectations. Receiving the IRIS (International Railway Industry
Standard) award reflects the excellent quality of both
products and management over the entire supply chain.
Committed to Sustainable Mobility
The consistent energy efficient design of each high power
propulsion and control component contributes strongly to
more sustainable mobility. The first EPD (Environmental
Product Declaration) for a MITRAC product was verified in
accordance with EMAS (Eco Management and Audit
Scheme) confirming Bombardier’s commitment to preserve
the environment.
Heart – Transforming
and Supplying Power
Mitrac TC 3300 MS V04
Bombardier Transportation introduced the world’s
first IGBT locomotive converter in 1997.
World-leading Converters
Now Bombardier offers the world’s most innovative,
efficient and reliable solution based on industry standard
IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules, combining the best power-to-weight ratio with an environment
friendly cooling system. It’s one of the reasons why more
than 6,400 MITRAC high power traction and auxiliary
converters have been sold to date.
Solutions for every Power System
Europe has four major line voltage systems. Asia and North
America have additional ones. The MITRAC traction
converter product family can be adapted to any power
system in any country, and can therefore handle bordercrossing operations. Bombardier also offers converters for
diesel-electric and dual power (combination of diesel-electric
and electric) locomotives to cover non-electrified routes.
Higher Reliability through Modularity
MITRAC 3300 traction converters are based on a unique
concept that enables extensive standardization. It consists
of one basic modular and scalable design that can be
adapted to a wide variety of applications and power
The converters are based on the MITRAC CM-M (Converter Module - Modular). Each tap water cooled CM-M
contains up to twelve IGBTs, and is able to provide up to
six AC input and output phases. The building block
structure allows for a wide range of different CM-M
arrangements to meet customer requirements.
One of the features of the CM-Ms is a high degree of
maintainability combined with easy and rapid removal and
replacement. The water valves in the cooling circuit close
automatically when the CM-Ms are removed.
The converter configurations shown below illustrate the
wide power and feature ranges that are possible: From 2 to
6.4 MW power at the wheel, all combinations of line
voltage systems, providing redundancy configurations with
up to 75% residual availability in case of failures and providing auxiliary power and / or head end power for train cars.
Mitrac AU 3320
Auxiliary Converters
Bombardier provides both stand-alone auxiliary converters
(MITRAC AU 3000 family) with output power of up to
200 kW as well as auxiliary and train supply converters
integrated in traction converters which provide up to 1 MW
or even more power to supply auxiliary devices and
passenger rail cars.
The MITRAC AU 3320 is the newest member of the
AU 3000 stand-alone auxiliary converter family. It is a dual
auxiliary unit in a multi-purpose electric cabinet. One key
advantage of this air cooled auxiliary converter is its
compatibility with the traction converter in areas such as
control, modular concept and mechanical design.
TC 3320
TC 3330
TC 3340
TC 3350
TC 3360
3 CM-Ms
3 CM-Ms
4 CM-Ms
4 CM-Ms
6 CM-Ms
1.5 m wide
2.3 m wide
2.8 - 3.0 m wide
3.6 m wide
4.0 m wide
2.0 MW
3.2 MW
2.4 - 3.6 MW
4.6 MW
4.0 - 6.4 MW
1 cooling & electrical circuit
1 cooling & electrical circuit
2 cooling & electrical circuits 2 cooling & electrical circuits 2 cooling & electrical circuits
Converter modules CM-M
Control equipment
Switching equipment
MS = Multi-System (AC & DC combined), DE = Diesel-Electric, DP = Dual Power (DE and electric - AC and / or DC - combined)
Muscles – Providing
Traction Effort
MITRAC DR 3600 / 3800 F
Pace-setting Drives
This success is based on Bombardier’s exacting requirements on the reliability, safety, energy efficiency and low
life cycle costs in the entire product range. The drives
optimally exploit the converters’ characteristics and are
designed to fit within a bogie’s limited space.
Starting tractive effort per axle [kN]
More than 11,000 Bombardier MITRAC 3000
drives are in service worldwide.
Drives for every High Power Application
The MITRAC DR 3000 family offers the right drive solution
for every high power freight or passenger train. The
selection of appropriate suspension type depends on the
required vehicle speed and tractive effort: Partly suspended drives are best for very high speed trains; simple
and robust nose-suspended drives are maintenancefriendly and fit best for freight locomotives requiring high
traction effort at moderate speeds; and fully suspended
drives, which have the lowest unsprung mass, are
suitable for high speed passenger and universal locomotives applications.
Maximum vehicle speed [km/h]
DR 3xxx N
N= nose-suspended
DR 3xxX F
F = fully suspended
DR 3xxX P
P = partly suspended
MITRAC DR 3600 / 3800 N
Brain – Managing the Vehicle
and Propulsion System
• Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)
• Drive Control Unit (DCU)
• Ethernet Switches
• TCN & IP Gateways
• Mobile Communication
Gateway (MCG)
• Input / Output Units
• Driver’s Desk I/O
• Human Machine
Interface (HMI)
Mitrac Input / Output Unit
Bombardier Transportation introduced the world’s
first integrated IP-based TCMS on track.
Game-changing Electronics
MITRAC TCMS (Train Control and Management System)
provides train, vehicle and drive control functions such as
those for operating, comfort and train diagnostics. The
latter facilitates increased efficiency in operation and
maintenance, resulting in greater competitiveness for
vehicle builders, maintainers and operators. The backbone
of the TCMS is the TCN (Train Communication Network),
which consists of the MVB (Multifunctional Vehicle Bus) for
intra-vehicle communication, and the WTB (Wire Train Bus)
for train-wide information exchange.
Leading in IP Technology
The MITRAC TCMS now supports the industry-standard IP
technology using Ethernet – the latest and most widely
used communication technology. The 100 Mbit/s bandwidth creates opportunities for increased functionality such
as on-board video surveillance, extended passenger
information systems and voice communication.
Mitrac DCU2
Mitrac HMI
Vehicle Control
The TCMS provides all the management and control
functions that inject life into the vehicle. It also collects,
processes and visualizes diagnostic information.
Drive Control
The drive control units (e.g. the DCU2) are integrated in the
traction and auxiliary converters. They control and supervise all functions in the converter, including high perfor­
mance adhesion control for traction motors and effective
power management such as energy recuperation.
Wireless Communication
The MITRAC CC TWCS (Train to Wayside Communication
System) extends TCMS by providing seamless wireless
communication between train and wayside. It supports
upcoming requirements of railway operators, such as
remote access to diagnostic data and real-time monitoring,
passenger information systems, updating seat reservations, retrieving trip databases and more. The heart of the
TWCS is the MCG (Mobile Communication Gateway).
Major References
Converter type: TC 3300 DC V03
Vehicles: 100
Systems: 3 kV DC
Tractive effort: 300 kN
Speed: 140 km/h
Power: 5.4 MW
Converter type: TC 3360 DP V01
Vehicles: 46
Systems: 12 kV 25 Hz Tractive effort: 316 kN
25 kV 60 Hz
Speed: 125 mph / 201 km/h
Power: 3.1 / 4.0 MW
TRAXX F140 MS, Public and Private Operators
Converter type: TC 3300 MS V04
Vehicles: 275
Systems: 1.5 / 3 kV DC
Tractive effort: 300 kN
15 kV 16.7 Hz
Speed: 140 km/h
25 kV 50 Hz
Power: 5.6 MW
IORE Locomotive, LKAB
Converter type: TC 3100 AC V14
Vehicles: 13
Systems: 15 kV 16.7 Hz
Tractive effort: 2 x 600 kN
Speed: 80 km/h
Power: 2 x 5.4 MW
Converter type: TC 3300 MS V02
Vehicles: 90
Systems: 3 kV DC
Tractive effort: 110 kN
25 kV 50 Hz
Speed: 250 km/h
Power: 2.0 / 2.4 MW
TRAXX F140 / P160 AC, Public and Private Operators
Converter type: TC 3200 AC V01
Vehicles: 241
Systems: 15 kV 16.7 Hz
Tractive effort: 300 kN
25 kV 50 Hz
Speed: 140 km/h
Power: 5.6 MW
For further technical details see MITRAC specification sheets.
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