Homework/Grading Policy - Horace W. Porter School

Homework/ Grading Policy
Mrs. Croteau ~ Grade 5 &6 Science
Please check the agenda nightly for the most up to date assignments. Completing homework on
time is critical to success as we begin each class by using it as a review or a warm up to our daily
lesson therefore full credit will not be given for late homework. Homework helps to teach time
management skills and responsibility as well as reinforce and extend comprehension of the
concepts taught in class.
If a student is absent it is their responsibility to get the work that they have missed. If a student
leaves early and will miss my class she or he should try to stop by before leaving to get the daily
assignment or to hand to hand in due homework.
Please refer to the student handbook for the school policy on make-up work for further
Formatives/Quizzes= 20%
A+ = 100-97
A = 96-93
A- = 92-90
B+ = 89-87
B = 86-83
B- = 82-80
C+ = 79-77
C = 76-73
C- = 72-70
D+ = 69-67
D = 66-63
D- = 62-60
F = 59 or below
Retake Policy:
Students who receive a grade less than 70% on a formative/quiz or summative/test will be
offered a one-time opportunity to retake or make corrections (teacher’s choice) for a retake
grade of up to 70%.