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Checkpoint 1 Retake 2 Practice Problems

Checkpoint #1 Retake (#2) Practice Problems
(Must be completed and shown to me before taking the 2nd retake)
1) Exponential Problems
A) An ant population is growing at a rate of 25% every week. If there are originally 6 ants in the
population, how many are there after 20 weeks?
B) A car loses 12% of its value each year. If you purchased the car for $20,000, how much will it be worth
in 6 years?
C) A baseball collection is worth $400. If it grows in value 22% per year for the next three years, how
much will it be worth.
2) Linear Problems
C) Town A has an initial population of 800 people and is losing 4 people per month. Town B has an initial
population of 500 people and is gaining 6 people per month. How many months until the towns have
the same population?
1A) 250.42
1B) 9288.08
1C) 726.33
2A) 17 Vans 46 Busses 2B) $5 Ad $11 Stud 2C) 30