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6th Grade Earth Science

Stanfield Secondary School 6th Grade Earth Science
3rd Period
Email: elizabeth.mccarty@stanfieldsd.org
This course explores the fields of earth and space science. Topics include rocks
and minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans, weather and climate,
erosional and depositional forces, our moon, the solar system, life cycles of stars, space
objects, and galaxies. This course will combine a variety of labs, and inquiry based
teaching techniques to allow the students to discover the concepts we are learning in
Exploring Earth
Geologic Changes
Weather and Climate
Water and Other Resources
Space and the Universe
● Chromebook (supplied by the school)
● Binder
● Dividers
● Line Paper
● Writing Utensil
● A=100%-90% B= 89%-80% C=79%-70% D=69%-60% F= 59%- 0%
● Students will be graded on a weighted system.
o 70% of the grade will be based on tests, and summative assessments
such as projects
o 30% of the grade will come from homework, classwork, bellringers,
and participation
■ Each student will be expected to do his/her own work.
■ All work must be made up even if there was an excused absence.
■ Students are expected to participate in all activities; lack of participation will
reduce your participation grade.
■ Be respectful of each other and each other’s property (and school property).
■ Students are expected to bring their binder to class along with a pencil or pen.
(They may keep it in the classroom also)
■ Cellphones are not allowed at all in class. If seen or heard I will ask you to place
it on my desk until the end of the period. If it is a continued issue the phone will
be taken to the office for the student to pick up at the end of the day.
■ Come to class on time and ready to learn. (ON TIME = Inside room and seated)
■ Remain in seats until the teacher dismisses the class.
If you need to contact me outside of class time, please email at the above email or
call my school number above. I will respond when as soon as I can
Assignments turned in past their due date, will only be accepted for 1 week
after I have recorded grades in the gradebook. For me to grade them they
have to be at least B work and the student cannot receive higher than C.
If an assignment is due on the 1st of the month and I enter the grade on the
3rd of that month the student will have until the 10th to turn in the
assignment. After that the student will not be able to turn in the assignment.
For the opportunity to receive full credit, students need to turn in their work
on time. Or make arrangements if it is going to be late.
Retake Policy
Students may have an opportunity to retake an exam or assessment if they complete tasks
that prove that they will pass the retake assignment. Students must advocate for
themselves and ask for the opportunity to show proficiency.
I have read and agreed to the syllabus. By making a copy and typing your name and your parents
name you are stating that you and your parents have read the syllabus.
Print Students Name _____________________________________________________
Student Signature _____________________________________________ Date___________
Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________________ Date___________