Starter Installation and Commissioning Instructions

Starter Installation and Commissioning
Important Rules
Read the assembly instructions before you start to install
the starter.
All installation, commissioning and maintenance work must be
carried out by qualified personnel and in accordance with
local regulations.
Before commencing installation or maintenance disconnect
from the power supply to prevent electrical shock.
Check that the technical data on the devices and in the
catalogue meet your application requirements.
The devices must be installed in a suitable enclosure having a
Protection Class that corresponds to the operating conditions
and affords adequate protection against ingress of solid
foreign bodies and water.
Before putting into service, test the operation of the control
system or assembly together with the starter according to the
applicable regulations (e.g. IEC/EN 60439, IEC/EN 60204).
Installing, wiring and testing starters
1) Preparation
- Read these instructions and their appendices carefully and observe the
technical information given in the catalogue and the documentation.
- Check that the starter conforms to the required specification.
2) Installation
Mount the starter according to the chosen method of fixing and strictly observe
the rated data of the components with respect to:
- operating position
- ambient conditions such as temperature, altitude etc.
- exposure to shock and vibration
- pollution degree
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3) Electrical connections
Wire the starter into the circuit while observing
- the rated voltage of the main circuits
- the prospective short-circuit current and the required short-circuit protection
- that the auxiliary supply voltage corresponds to the rated control voltages of
the starter components
- the required wire gauge according to the load current, the insulation material,
the ambient temperature, the method of installation and grouping .
4) Settings
- Set the motor protection device to the data of the respective motor:
- Direct starters and reversing starters:
Setting = rated motor current
Y/∆ starters with the motor protection relay in the line connections (circuitbreaker):
Setting = rated motor current
Y/∆ starters with the motor protection relay in the delta loop:
Setting = 0.58 x rated motor current
- In the case of Y/∆ starters, set the timer to the expected starting time (if this
is not precisely known, ensure timer setting exceeds estimated starting time).
The motor should almost reach its rated speed before being switched to delta
5) Tests
Check that the starter has been installed, wired and is operating correctly while
testing the control system or assembly. The tests should include:
- verification that all screws are tight
- visual inspection of wiring and connections
- insulation test (e.g. by measuring the insulation resistance)
- verification of protective measures, protective earth connections
- functional check
- verification of the settings of protection devices, timers etc.
Perform any other tests required by the applicable regulations for the control
system or assembly (e.g. IEC/EN 60204, IEC/EN 60439).
Starter description and parts list
Wiring diagram
Layout drawing
Installation instructions of the starter components
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