Craft-Academy Social Contract

Craft-Academy Social Contract
Welcome to Craft-Academy! Craft-Academy is first and foremost a collaborative and
supportive learning community, built on a foundation of respect. All communities share a social
contract under which the members agree to adhere, in order to be a part of that community.
Without social contracts, communities would cease to exist and chaos would ensue. Some
social contracts are written, like our Bill of Rights, others are implied, like being respectful to
your neighbor. At Craft-Academy we believe it should be clearly understood by all members
what the expectations for conduct and behavior are, as a member of our community, and thus
we outlined them below. Please initial next to each line, and sign and date at the bottom. Don’t
forget to have one of your parents sign as well.
❖ [ ] I will treat all people, structures, and the server with respect, and understand that
griefing of any kind will not be tolerated.
❖ [ ] I will be kind and supportive of my fellow community members through my actions
and words.
❖ [ ] I will be respectful of the chat channels
➢ I will be thoughtful with my words
➢ I will type in lower-case and use capitalization only as required by proper
mechanics of grammar
➢ I will not repeatedly send the same message in the chat bar -- this is called
spamming the chat. It causes pertinent messages to get lost in the type and
slows down the server.
❖ [ ] I will report to my teacher any incidents I see or experience with anyone not adhering
to the social contract.
❖ [ ] I understand that Edu-Crafting has a datalog of every block that is placed or
destroyed on the server, and a log of all chat messages, which can be easily checked to
verify the facts of any incidents that may occur.
❖ [ ] I understand that being a part of the Craft-Academy community is a privilege, which
can be taken away if I choose not to abide by the social contract.
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