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Week 6 Async Notes

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Week 6 Criminal Procedure
Introduction to Criminal Procedure
4th Amendment – Searches and Seizures
Seizures Sobriety
General Crime Checkpoints
International Borders
Courthouse and Airport Security
Query: What is permissible during a Terry stop?
Query: Can anonymous tips be used to develop reasonable suspicion?
Scope of Frisk
Duration of Frisk
Query: What is the difference between reasonable suspicion and probably cause?
Evaluating the Reliability of Informants
Making the Arrests
Query: What constitutes a search?
Search Warrants
Query: During search under a search warrant looking for drugs police come upon a sawed-off
shotgun (which is per se illegal), can they seize?
Query: While executing a search warrant for drugs in a bar, police searched a patron not named
in the warrant and find drugs. Drugs admissible?
Special Circumstances
Bodily Intrusions
Wire Tapping and Electronic Eavesdropping
Query: Can the police use thermal imaging on a suspect’s residence?
Warrantless Searches
Incident to Arrest
Plain View
Open Fields
Abandoned Property
Vehicle Searches
Exigent Circumstances
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