Nancy K – Jeopardy questions - fall... PEOPLE and GROUPS

Nancy K – Jeopardy questions - fall 2014 Earth Dynamics
This fictional character woke up to an unfamiliar world
Who is – Rip Van Winkle
She wrote the Declaration of Sentiments in
Who is – Charlotte Perkins Gilman
DAILY DOUBLE - The idea of human rights became popular when this organization won this prize in this
What is – Amnesty International, Nobel Prize in 1977
Science and TECHNOLOGY
This event fomented world-wide simultaneous empathy because of the telegraph
What is – the sinking of the Titanic
Industralization when people were able to harness this kind of energy in these regions
What is – water power, in the countryside
Descartes used this foundation to “prove” the existence of God
What is – I think, therefore I am.
Disagreements about climate change are driven by these
What are – values
Louis Menand criticized abolitionists for these perspectives
What are idealism and anti-politics
Understanding of these fundamental categories of human experience changed between 1880-1920
What are – time and space
Action to change the world is slow to change the world is slow to catch up with this
What is – knowledge / ideas / understanding
In this year, the United Nations was founded.
When is – 1945