Something Unique About Me

Something Unique About Me
Get acquainted
5-10 minutes
Something Unique About Me sheet (see sample ideas below); prizes
such as candy or pens
We all have distinguishing characteristics or have had experiences that
no one else in the group has had.
1. Ask all students to stand.
2. Explain that the objective is to find out unique characteristics of
people within the class.
3. Tell the students that you will read items on the list, and for them to
come forward if what is read applies to them.
4. When they come forward, give them a prize, and have them
elaborate on the statement that applies to them.
Something Unique About Me (sample statements – write add your own to these).
1. Has a dog named Lucky, Midnight, or Shadow
2. Likes pizza with anchovies
3. Does regular community service
4. Was born in another country
5. Has milked a cow
6. Has been on a radio or TV show
7. Has six or more siblings
8. Has seen the Statue of Liberty
9. Went snow skiing last winter
10. Has won a significant prize in a contest
11. Has had more than four paying jobs other than babysitting
12. Got up before 5:00 this morning
13. Has an extensive collection of something
14. Has a shoe size of 13 or greater
15. Has seen the Eiffel Tower
16. Add your own!