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In this world god creates us as human being, and as human being we did lots of mistakes
in our life. Without mistakes a person can’t lead their life. Sometimes the mistake turns into
crimes, and to protect our country from crimes our society made laws. Laws made to protect our
society, and punish those people who did crimes. Without laws we can’t spend our life a single
moment, but sometimes some people ignore laws. However, when they realized they ignore laws
it should be too late for them. As a concerned citizen I feel that ignorance of the law always can
be costly.
Three years ago I came to the United States. Till then from now I live in Jackson Heights.
It is very crowded place. One incident happened with my friend because of ignorance of the law.
Two year ago my friend Lisa came to the United States with her husband. She rent a room in
front of my apartment. She lived happily with her husband, and also she got her baby girl in that
apartment. After passed one year everyday I heard screaming at night from my friend’s room. At
first I thought they are playing with her baby, but when screaming turned into crying then I felt
curious. One night I heard too much crying from Lisa’s room. When I knocked her room, she
didn’t open the door. After knocking fifteen minutes I came back to my room. Next morning
when her husband went for work I knocked again. Then she opened the door, and told me her
husband don’t want that she will work, so every night he beaten by her husband. When she told
that she will call the police her husband says he don’t care about police. That means he ignores
the law.
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Next night when I heard screaming I call the police. When police came and saw her
husband was beating her. They instantly arrested him, and send him to the jail. When my friend
went to visit him in the jail that time he also said nothing will be happen with him. He also said
Judge will release him, but in reality is not like that. When he admitted that he beat his wife
because he didn’t want his wife will go to work; the judge send him seven years in jail. Then he
realized how ignorance of the law can be costly. However, it was too late.
Finally, I want to say society made laws because of our well being. If we ignore it we
have to pay for it. I learned from this experience that we never ignore laws, because ignoring of
the laws can be harmful for our life.