“Lamb to the Slaughter”

“Lamb to the Slaughter”
Content Questions
1. What does Mary Maloney do for her husband’s homecoming?
2. What does this tell you about her relationship with her husband?
What does this tell you about her character? Use CHARACTERIZATION KEY WORDS!
3. What details suggest that the couple has a routine in which Mary looks forward to welcoming
her husband home?
4. What is the first sign that something is different that night? What do they usually do on a
Thursday night?
5. What do you think Patrick said to his wife? Why do you think so?
6. What is her reaction to the news? What indicates this?
7. Do you think Mary planned to murder her husband with the leg of lamb? Use references
from the story to explain why you think she did or did not plan the murder.
8. What makes her decide to cover up the murder? Explain how she goes about with the coverup.
9. Do you believe she is clever? Explain.
10. What do the police do when they arrive? How do you know they are convinced of Mary’s
story? What helps confirm her story?
11. How do you feel while reading the ending - when the police are eating the murder weapon?
12. Identify the presence of the three types of irony (verbal, dramatic, and situational) in the
story and how each contributed to the effectiveness of the story.