Jocelyn Perez CEP121.2225 Professor Robinson Fall 1 2008

Jocelyn Perez
Professor Robinson
Fall 1 2008
I chose my research topic because of its relevance to my career choice. I plan to pursue a job in
the Wildlife Conservation field and the position of a conservation scientist best fits the criteria for
the work I hope to do one day. In order to gain more insight about this career I searched through
the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the U.S. Department of Labor website and reviewed the
job postings for the Wildlife Conservation Society. This information allowed me to get a better
idea of the qualifications and responsibilities for the positions available in this field.
The assignment 3.1 let me see that I have the ability to synthesize, analyze and compile
information/data, to mentor, instruct, assist and supervise others, as well as meeting
specifications. These talents allow me to work well with others, hold authoritative positions,
organize data, and excel in this competitive field. Meanwhile, assignment 3.2 made me point out
my accomplishments and reflect on my abilities. My time as club president, peer mediator, and
being manager of the laboratory proved to be that I can be an effective leader and have extensive
interpersonal skills. As conservation scientist, I would usually have to manage assignments on
my own and lead a team of colleagues. These skills are of utmost importance in my achieving a
stable position. Finally, assignment 3.8 allowed me to evaluate my abilities and decipher my
personality type. I also learned that my interest areas (realistic) involve nature and working
outdoors, which turns toward my intended career in wildlife conservation because related
occupations include agriculture.