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wildlife protection act

Conservation of living natural resources, plants, animals and microorganisms and the non-living
elements of the environment on which they depend is crucial for development and progress. The
plants, animals and microorganisms living in their natural habitats in wild state other than the
cultivated plants and domesticated animals constitute wildlife. Animals and plants living in their
natural habitat constitute wildlife.
Wildlife resources constitute a vital link in the survival of human species as every one of us are
dependent on the plants and animals for all vital components of our welfare. The whole
environment runs in the form of a food chain and the survival independence of all these species is
vital and interdependent. The extinction of wildlife would ultimately lead to the extinction of the
human species itself.
As said by honourable Justice Markandey Katju that preservation of wildlife is important for
maintaining the ecological balance in the environment and sustaining the ecological chain. It must
be understood that there is interlinking in the nature. The challenge that the world faces is not the
idea of conservation, but can conservation be implemented in national interest and within the
means available to each country.
Need for Conservation of wildlife
1. ecological balance for supporting life.
2. preserving different kinds of species (biodiversity).
3. preserving economically important plants and animals.
4. conserving the endangered species.
Legislative History
In India, the wildlife laws have a long history.
Governance with a focus on clean environment and wildlife conservation, particularly
protection of elephants in India date back to 3rd century BC during the time of
Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka.
Under the Indian Penal Code 1860, the term “animal” is defined, and it declares maiming,
killing of animals as an offence punishable under various sections.
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