Akina Shirayama CEP121 Chapter 1

Akina Shirayama
Chapter 1
1. A career dilemma is a term used in this book to describe the tangled set of
interrelated occupational and educational issues that you face.
For example, you may say, “I like international relations, but don’t know what types
of jobs match my interests.”
2. Internal obstacles are those aspects of ourselves that get in the way of our success.
External obstacles are problems related to our life circumstances that have the
potential to derail our plans for the future unless we deal with them.
3. Personal Identity Information, Career Information, College and Graduate School
4. A : Ask the right questions
S : Search for information
A : Analyze your findings
P : Plan your next actions
Chapter 2
1. You are more likely to determine whether your choices are congruent with who you
2. Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional
3. Realistic : Practical, Conservative and frank
Investigative : Analytical, Intelligent and Asocial
Artistic : Innovative, Intellectual and Creative
Social : Empathic, Patient, and Extroverted
Enterprising : Persuading, Energetic and Gregarious
Conventional : Establishing, Careful and Conforming
4. Realistic
Chapter 3
1. By looking at your skills and interests
3. Content skills provide the foundation that is needed to work with and acquire more
specific skills in a variety of domains.
Process skills contribute to more rapid acquisition of knowledge and skills across a
variety of domains.
4. Portable skills, which are grouped into six “clusters” are not linked to one
occupation; they are useful in many kinds of work.
5. Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, Computer skills, Problem-solving skills,
Change-management skills and Self-management skills
6. Because of the fact that I don’t have a work permit, I cannot work as hard and
progress in my life as I wanted and hope to.