Texas Oscar Results

Texas Oscar Results
Work Importance Scores
Look at the category for your highest work value score. If your two highest scores are
less than 5 points apart, consider your two highest scores.
If achievement is your highest score, consider jobs where you can use your best abilities.
Look for work where you can see the results of your efforts. Explore careers where you
can get a sense of accomplishment.
Working Conditions
If working conditions is your highest score, consider pay, job security, and good working
conditions when looking at jobs. Look for work that suits your work style. Some people
like to be busy all the time, or work alone, or have many different things to do. Explore
jobs where you can take best advantage of your particular work style.
If recognition is your highest work value, explore jobs with good possibilities for
advancement. Look for jobs with prestige or with potential for leadership.
If relationships are your highest work value, look for jobs where your co-workers are
friendly. Look for work that lets you be of service to others. Explore jobs that do not
make you do anything that goes against your sense of right and wrong.
If support is your highest work value, look for jobs where the company stands behind its
workers and where the workers are comfortable with management’s style of supervision.
Explore work in companies with a reputation for competent, considerate, and fair
If independence is your highest work value, look for jobs where they let you do things on
your own initiative. Explore work where you can make your own decisions.
Note: The information contained here is taken directly from the OSCAR Report.
Interest Profile Scores
Realistic: People with realistic interests like work activities that include practical, handson problems and solutions. They enjoy dealing with plants, animals, and real-world
materials, like wood and machinery. They enjoy outside work. Often people with
Realistic interests do not like occupations that mainly involve doing paperwork or
working closely with others.
Investigative: People with Investigative interests like work activities that have to do with
ideas and thinking more than with physical activity. They like to search for facts and
figure out problems mentally rather than to persuade or lead people.
Artistic: People with Artistic interests like work activities that deal with the artistic side
of things, such as forms, designs, and patterns. They like self-expression in their work.
They prefer settings where work can be done without a clear set of rules.
Social: People with Artistic interests like work activities that assist others and promote
learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate more than work with
objects, machines, or data. They like to teach, give advice, to help, or otherwise be of
service to people.
Enterprising: People with Enterprising interests like work activities that starting up and
carrying out projects, especially business ventures. They like persuading and leading
people and making decisions. They like taking risks for profit. Enterprising people
sometimes prefer action to thought.
Conventional: People with Conventional interests like work activities that follow set
procedures and routines. They prefer working with data and detail more than with ideas.
They prefer work in which there are precise standards rather than work in which you
have to judge things by yourself. They like working where the lines of authority are clear.
_____ _____ _____
(Enter your three highest scores with the top score on the first line)
I = 15
A = 15
S = 17