Document 17695033

Fossil Fuel, Water and Renewable
Resource survey at:
Potclays Ltd, Etruria Rd,
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Executive summary
The Potclays Ltd (Etruria site) annual utility cost for 2006-7 is estimated to be £32,400 with an
energy consumption of 567,500 kWh emitting an estimated 143,000 kg of CO2 per annum.
Using conventional energy management techniques, opportunities for an annual energy reduction
of approximately 80,500 kWh (14% of total) and annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of
23,400kg (16% of total) have been identified.
The utility cost savings are estimated to be £5800 requiring an investment of the order of £6000
resulting in an average payback of about 12 months.
A preliminary survey of the site potential for Renewable Resource utilisation has also been
carried out. As a consequence of local meteorological and statutory conditions opportunities are
limited, at least in rapid return financial terms.
However there appears to be scope for further consideration in rainwater harvesting for site use
and use of biomass fuel in parts of the site undergoing refurbishment.