Activity 4: Process Skills

Activity 4: Process Skills
Why do this activity?
Understanding several of the typical process skills that are emphasized by today’s employers can help
you think about the process skills that you want to develop in your students and how you might go
about doing so.
What employers want?
Below are qualities that have come from National Association of Colleges and Employers from the past
several years.
1. Communication skills (verbal and written)
2. Honesty / Integrity
3. Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)
4. Motivation / initiative/entrepreneurism
5. Strong work ethic
6. Teamwork skills
7. Computer skills
8. Accessing and analyzing information
9. Flexibility/adaptability/agility
10. Detail oriented
11. Critical thinking & problem solving
12. Curiosity and imagination
1. Circle the items (at least four) in the list above that you think students would gain from
completing your course or pharmacy practice experience.
Assessment of Process Skills
Process Skill
Oral & written
Skill Definition
Team work
The ability to work with other people to
accomplish a common goal
Problem Solving
Finding a resolution to a situation,
question, or problem for which you
don’t know(with confidence) what to
do directly to resolve the issue
Critical Thinking
Exploring a situation, question, or
problem to arrive at a hypothesis or
conclusion that integrate the available
relevant information and therefore can
be convincingly justified
Leadership (or
Facilitation of others (and oneself)
toward the accomplishment of a goal
(includes selfassessment and
Assessment is any activity that is
designed to improve future
performance. Metacognition is the
ability to determine what one has
learned and to think about how one
The ability to acquire information from
a variety of sources
Student action (this skill can be observed as)
The ability to express the knowledge
and understanding both verbally and
1. As a table, complete the table above by answering this question for each term: If this skill were
targeted for development in a classroom, how would it be observed (or measured)