FSCN 400 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Prevention

FSCN 400 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Prevention
FSU Course Description:
This course examines the legal, political, and social aspects of government’s role in
public safety, including the American legal system, fire department operations,
employment and personnel issues, fire officials‟ roles and legislative and political
FSU Course Outcomes:
Upon the completion of this course the student will
1. Identify the three sources of law.
2. List the categories of public and private law;
3. Explain the importance of the due process clause of the Fourteenth
Amendment to the fire service;
4. Distinguish between criminal and civil law;
5. Identify the most significant legal and political issues faced by the fire and
emergency services.
6. Locate and summarize current legal and legislative decisions impacting
fire and emergency services.
7. Explain why the majority of civil suits are settled out of court;
6. Describe Federal law and cases and list some specific effects on personnel
and employment issues in the fire service;
7. Identify those Federal laws that apply to your fire department and explain
how they apply identify allies and adversaries in the legislative process as it
affects fire service interests
11. Conduct a policy analysis of a proposed or existing law and make change
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