FSCN 400 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Prevention

FSCN 400 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Prevention
FSU Course Description:
This course examines the legal, political, and social aspects of government’s role in
public safety, including the American legal system, fire department operations,
employment and personnel issues, fire officials‟ roles and legislative and political
FSU Course Outcomes:
Upon the completion of this course the student will
1. Identify the three sources of law and how each impacts the fire service;
2. Describe the implications of recent cases impacting the fire service;
3. Identify best practices in the fire service to reduce or eliminate potential
legal liability;
4. Distinguish between criminal and civil law;
5. Identify the most significant legal and political issues faced by the fire and
emergency services.
6. Locate and summarize current legal and legislative decisions impacting
fire and emergency services.
7. Describe recent legal findings in cases and how they impact the fire
8. Analyze political and legal conclusions and formulate recommendations
based on these analyses;
9. Utilize online legal resources to research and identify legal findings as they
apply to the fire service;
10. Conduct a policy analysis of a proposed or existing law and make change
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