I See
A line between the legislative lions and the
executive eagles
The U.S constitution is behind the
legislative side (they are small in the
The judicial referees (U.S constitution)
have pictures of checks and balances on
their hats
Government Related Words
It Means*
Balance between two branches
Judicial branch is the referee between
these two branches
The executive branch is on defense
The legislative branch is on offense
Summary (POV): This connects with the role of the Supreme Court/the
case of Madison vs. Marbury because it shows that the legislative
branch has power that can overpower the executive branch. Marbury
wanted to get into the office, but since Madison was in the legislative
branch and had back-up, there was no way to carry out the
commissions even if they were granted. They were the ones to impeach
officials, and to do all the interpreting the law and such. The executive
branch can’t really stop them, only defend.