Problem Sets: Algebra I

Problem Sets: Algebra I
All work must be completed in pencil only. Work completed in anything but pencil will not be
All work must be shown for each problem. Answers only is not acceptable.
All work must be completed on a separate sheet of paper, either lined paper or graph paper
(NOT printer paper).
At the top of the first page of your work you must include, at a minimum, your name, the due
date, and your block.
Work must be neat and legible. You must copy the original problem and show all work. If I
cannot follow your work or find your answers on the page, you will receive no credit for that
Problem Sets should be a result of your own work.
Problem Sets not turned at the beginning of class the day they are due will be considered late.
Problem Sets may be turned in late but will receive only half credit.
Please ask for help if you find any of the problems difficult!
DO NOT wait until the night before it’s due to begin work on these problems!
Problem Set 1 Assignment:
Page 938; section 1.1; numbers 3, 6, 7
Page 938; section 1.2; numbers 11, 13, 16
Page 938; section 1.3; numbers 17-21
Page 938; section 1.4; number 23
Page 939; section 2.2; numbers 12-14
Page 939; section 2.3; numbers 18-22
Page 939; section 2.7; numbers 54-57
DUE DATE___________________________________________