Chapter 34 – Rebirth & Revolution: Nation-building in East Asia & the Pacific Rim
1. Identify key reasons for the political stability and enormous economic growth of Japan after World War
II. [p813-814, 815-819]
2. What can explain the tremendous success of small nations such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore
as well as the major port of Hong Kong after World War II? [p819-823]
3. Explain why the Communists and not the Guomindang (Nationalist Party) achieved permanent success
in China. [p823-826]
4. In what ways did Mao Zedong fail to bring prosperity to the Chinese people under his communist
program? [p825-830]
5. Identify the gains or lack thereof that women achieved in China as a result of the Chinese Revolution
and the rule of China by the Communist Party. [p827-828]
6. The Vietnam War, in a way, lasted from 1945 until 1975. [p830-834]
a. What were the different reasons for French and the US involvement in the Vietnam War?
b. What were the final outcomes of the Vietnam War for Vietnam?