Weather Writing Assignment

Weather Writing Assignment
You are going to make up your weather story. Have fun, be original. It needs to include all the
elements of a weather story and a hard news story. Please have classmates edit it before turning
it in on Thursday. The story needs to be one page long.
5 points: Rough Draft is turned in at the end of class on April 25
Rubric for grading:
_____ 5 name and title
_____ 10 lead – interesting, grabs reader, appropriate for the story
_____ 10 grammar – no spelling, quotes, homophones or other grammar mistakes
_____ 5 three sources are present (one must be the national weather service – be sure to attribute
_____ 5 quotes from two sources
_____ 10 explanation of what is happening – follows a hard news story format with the inverted
pyramid and makes sense, is at least one page in length.
_____ 5 is a somewhat believable weather news story (no suspicious kittens causing world
_____/ 50