Product/Service Management NAME__________________

Product/Service Management
1. Describe the brand assortment in the K9 Korner.
2. Do you notice certain products turning over more quickly than others?
3. If so what and how often?
4. What is the value of a brand name?
5. What, if any, seasonal products do you introduce throughout the year? Also provide
suggestions of products we could offer in the store in all three categories. Explain the
significance of varying your product mix by season.
6. When and why does store merchandise go on sale?
7. Do we offer discounts? When and how much?
8. Have you seen a correlation between markdowns and quicker inventory turnover? Explain.
9. What is the average turnover for the different product lines?
10. How do you avoid overstocking, and, conversely, inadequate inventory levels?
11. What factors affect the quality of merchandise we can offer in your store? Be specific.
12. Identify the product lines in the K9 Korner?
13. How is it decided what products to offer?
14. Describe the width and depth of your various product lines.
15. Describe your reordering process. Do we reorder products at specified times throughout the
school year or when inventory runs low?
16. What questions do you ask when considering new vendors for your store?
17. What questions do you ask when considering new merchandise?
18. How do customers view the K9 Korner? (As a community-oriented, service-oriented or priceoriented business?) What aspects of your business contribute to how customers view it?