Dear Families:

Dear Families:
This week we continued our study of Native Americans and our discussion of life in the
early English settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation. Some students
presented their projects on the various tribes.
We also studied our new Wordly Wise Lesson #5 words by doing vocabulary exercises
and playing a variety of word games to strengthen their knowledge of the unit. We will
continue working with the words this week by doing activities with the mini iPads.
Students turned in their Veterans Day write ups this past Monday. I enjoyed learning
about the many Veteran family members and friends. Many fascinating stories were
shared with pride.
In our read aloud of Esperanza Rising, we focused on the reading strategies of character
details, cause and effect, author's tone, and author's point of view. Students were able to
revisit and make connections to these strategies that they have been learning in ELA by
comparing it to their study of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
This week the students will finish presenting their Native American Projects and we will
be doing reading comprehension activities focused on Native Americans and the Pilgrims.
Additionally, we will be using a new edition of Social Studies Weekly that discusses the
Native Americans.
Please make sure your students are bringing their planners to school and turning in their
homework and assignments when they are due. Also, we want to emphasize the
importance of appropriate conduct in the halls during transition to lunch and dismissal
Important dates to remember:
11/24 3:00 SCAA appearance in Mooresville Christmas Parade
11/25-11/27 No School
12/2-Progress Reports Sent Home
12/4 Shepherd Winterfest 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Thank you for your cooperation. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Jennifer O'Connor