Rise of Democracy in England Review Questions

Rise of Democracy in England
Review Questions
Which English monarch signed the
Petition of Right?
Charles I
Petition of Right
Why was the Petition of Right
The Petition of Right limited the
monarch’s power; an idea that directly
contradicts the idea of absolute
What happened as a result of
Charles I ignoring the Petition of
The English Civil War
Who lost the English Civil War?
Charles I: He was executed.
Who became the new ruler of
England after the English Civil War?
Oliver Cromwell
What type of government was Oliver
Cromwell supposed to create?
Oliver Cromwell was supposed to
create a democracy.
What type of government did Oliver
Cromwell actually establish?
Oliver Cromwell created a dictatorship.
He ruled as a dictator.
It’s like an absolute monarchy without the title
of “King.”
I may not be king, but I
want all the power!
Who restored the monarchy in
Charles II
Oliver was worse than
Charles! We want our
king back! Please come
Which English monarch was asked to
step down, because he was Catholic?
James II
What were the first two political
parties in England?
Whigs and Tories
Whigs Support
James II
Tories Oppose James II
James II forced to flee England
What was the “Glorious
The Glorious Revolution was the
peaceful transfer of power from
James II to William and Mary.
No need for
guns, I’ll Just
What important document did
William and Mary sign?
William and Mary signed the English
Bill of Rights
English Bill of Rights
What type of government did William
and Mary establish in England?
Constitutional Monarchy
A government that has a
monarch, but the monarch’s
power is limited by the
Constitution (the law).
How much power does the
English monarch have today?
None. The monarch is just a figure
I may not have any
power, but at least I
still get to wear my
crown and live in my
What body of people make the
laws in England?
The Parliament
Who is the head of state in
The Prime Minister
Gordon Brown