Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Group Members Names:____________________________________________________
Newspaper Scavenger Hunt
Directions: Find each of the items listed below. Cut out each item and glue or tape it
on the piece of card stock paper the teacher gives you. All items must come from the
newspaper. Number and label each item. –List the name of each person in your group
and write beside your name whether you have or have not touched the animal before
1. A number greater than 10,000.
2. The price and brand name of a used car.
3. A face with glasses.
4. A happy word.
5. The high temperature in a major city.
6. A face with a mustache or beard.
7. An animal.
8. A picture of some form of transportation.
9. A word puzzle.
10. A “help wanted” ad.
11. A compound word.
12. The numbers of the current year.
13. Cut out the letters (individually) to spell CAREER.
14. The last name of the President of the United States.
15. A sports headline–Draw a picture that tells the story (or describes) the sports
headline. (Stick figures are fine.)