Louis XIV and Absolutism

Louis XIV and Absolutism
Bell Ringer: What would life be like with no rules?
1. Quick Quiz.
2. Brief Lecture: The rise of Absolutism
3. Image Interpretation, what is Absolutism?
4. Louis XIV timeline
5. The rise of Absolutism Chart
6. Thomas Hobbes and his theory of man
7. Objectives for the day
8. HW: Vocabulary Chapter 5 and Timeline if we don’t
finish it today.
Rise of Absolutism in Spain
• Philip II takes power in
• Became very wealthy
through gold mines in
the Americas
• Supported Catholicism.
• Issues arise with trade.
– Would face resistance
through revolt, and
repay debts to enemies.
Rise of Absolutism
• Absolute Monarch- kings
and queens that believed all
power within the country
was theirs.
• Divine Right- God created
the Monarchy, and that king
was god’s representative.
• Gave up freedom for
protection from kings.
• Factors leading to
Absolutism- Religious
Warfare, heavy taxation.,
revolts quelled with
Louis XIV
• Cardinal Richelieu led
the way in crushing
revolts under Louis XIII
• Make king supreme in
France, make France
supreme in Europe.
• XIV took power in 1643
at the age of 4.
• Officially took power at
the age of 22.
Louis XIV
• Did not allow for a royal
• Concentrated all
authority with the
• “I am the State”
• Known for his palace at
• The Louvre wasn’t good
enough for him.
Politics under Louis XIV
• Jean Baptiste Colbert
strengthened the tax
system, promoting
economic reform.
• France improved through
roads. (trading)
• Economic controls shifted
to national government.
• Revenues went straight to
Louis XIV.
• Louis had a passion for war
and glory in France.
• Frontier moved North and
• Louis opponents such as
Britain, Holland, and Austria
limited gains.
• France could have been
great, but Louis taking
money and manpower for
adventure, he spoiled
• Dies in 1715, France begins
decline towards revolution.
What does this image say about
• What does this image
say about Absolute