Age of Absolutism Webquest

Age of Absolutism Webquest
Complete the following questions about the Age of Absolutism. Answer in complete
sentences. Use the internet or the textbook (Chapter 4) to answer these question’s
1. What two crowns did Charles V obtain?
2. After Charles V abdicated his throne, who took power?
3. How did Philip go about consolidating power?
4. What happened to the Spanish Armada? What effect did it have on Spain?
5. 1550-1650 in Spain, was known as its golden age. What does this mean?
1. Who was Louis XIV’s great grandfather?
2. How did Louis XIV strengthen power in France?
3. How was the Palace at Versailles a symbol of royal power?
4. How long did Louis XIV reign?
5. What did Louis do that eventually led to a decline in French power?
1. How was royal power different in England when compared to France and
2. What was the Long Parliament? What was the outcome?
3. What was the result of the English Civil War?
4. What was the Glorious Revolution?
5. How did England evolve into a constitutional government?
1. What was the Thirty Years’ War?
2. What were some of the effects of the Peace of Westphalia?
1. How did Peter the Great modernize Russia?
2. What was Peter the Great’s legacy? What did he do to ensure he would be
3. Who was Catherine the Great?