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Strayer Notes Reading Target Strayer Pgs. 128-137, AND 153-164

Strayer Notes: Pgs. Strayer Pgs. 128-137, AND 153-164
What connections and interactions are made as a result of trade relationships?
How are the Mongols “the exception” to many of the “rules” of history?
● Islam in west africa
○ Brought in by merchants
○ Provided link to trading partners as well as legitamacy for rulers
○ Established many school
○ Were kinda loose in islam no cap - ibn battuta
● Mansa musa
○ From mali went to mecca
○ Crashed value of gold in eygpt
○ My boy musa was had the good intentions but my boy was no cap kinda dumb
○ Elevated malis positiion in ismlaimc world
● Transcontinental islamic world
○ Islam liked commerce
○ Colony in canton, china
○ Lots of innovations such as water irrigation and fruits
○ Tech such as rockets
○ Persians poetry good good
○ Al mamun established house of wisdom in bagdah
○ Mutazilaites argued reason in islam while others say literal meaing of quan
○ Math impormvementts of of hindus and medical imporvements from ibs sina and alrazi
○ Fiilling teeth with gold
● Murica back then
○ Pannama exhange zone
○ Commerce - one guy to another guy - also played ar oel
○ Chaco was like baghdad - center of trade
○ Inca roads to do trade
● Economy of world was wayyy more balanced back then (except for monglos takeover) cuz no single ultimate
power, unlike today
● Mongols
○ Pastoral people
○ Temmujin (young gengis) born when they were fractious clans and slowly rose to power
○ United people by giving them common task - expansion
○ Success was in their strong army of 10, 100, 100
○ Displined cuz if one desserted, death penalty for all of them
○ Leaders would share hardships of men
○ Incorporated conquered people int o their armies
○ Ruthless brutalirty when conqueruing cityies, FEAR
■ Submit, u get spared, other wise everyone dies
○ Monglos supported commerce, which was important in securing china
○ Religious tolerance
● China under the mongols
○ Mongols wanted to save and incorporate china into their own empire
○ They assimilated into chinese cultures (took on chinese yuan title) to maximize profits formt hem
○ Kublai khan was lil less harsh on others
○ After mongols, ming dynasty reverted back to the olden days