The End of the Cold War

The End of the Cold War
The end of the Cold War is marked by two major events:
The break-up of the Soviet Union (USSR).
The fall of the Berlin Wall.
The people in these countries realized that communism had not solved the problem
of poverty, and that communism had denied them many freedoms that democratic
nations took for granted.
Directions: Identify the events that happened on these dates leading up to the end of
the Cold War using pp.929-930 in your American Journey textbook.
June 1989
Communist Poland held democratic elections (Gorbachev
refused to intervene to stop it)
November 9, 1989
The Berlin Wall is torn down
February 1990
Thousands of people march through Moscow demanding an
end to Communist rule
East and West Germany were reunited
December 25, 1991
The end of the Soviet Union was announced