World History II Teacher Info: The Course:

World History II
Teacher Info:
Ms. Harper:
Class: Period 3 Trailer 4
Period 6
Room 17
The Course:
DESCRIPTION: Social, political, and economic development, and their dynamic relationships
with world cultures, are central themes of World History. This course will cover history from the “Great
Convergence” to the present. Cultural emphasis is placed upon literature, art, architecture, music, religion
and philosophy. Historical emphasis is placed upon such areas as comparative political, economic and
social systems. Contemporary emphasis is placed upon current crises, international relations and the
increasing interdependence of nations. Concepts stressed throughout the course are the same as those
employed by all social scientists: critical thinking, analysis and interpretation. From a balanced and
inclusive world history course students may gain an appreciation both of the world’s many peoples and of
their shared humanity and common problems.
Below is a list of topics for the school year:
MAIN TOPICS: A survey of major religions of the world (review)
The Reformation
European expansion
The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
Absolutism and revolutions
The Industrial Revolution
Political change in Europe and the Americas
The world at war
Post World War II
Names of major countries, rivers, mountain ranges and bodies of water
Natural hazards and their management
Impact of natural, human and capital resources and their distribution
Regional development of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America from 1500
Economic patterns and developing nations
Tests 25%
Notebook 25%
Projects 25%
Classwork/Homework 25%
Interactive Notebooks
Students will be keeping interactive notebooks in class. Students will be graded on the
organization of the notebooks, which we will maintain in class:
Color and visual images used
Material is in order and attached neatly
Work assigned is completed and on time
1. 5 Subject Notebook - students need a 5-subject HISTORY ONLY notebook.
2. Colored pencils or markers
3. Glue stick or tape
Absences –
When a student is absent it is the student’s responsibility to make up the missed work. All tests
and quizzes must be made up within 1 week of the absence, if not the grade will be a zero.
Students are encouraged to come during FLEX if they need extra help.
Extra HelpUnless otherwise specified, I will be available most mornings before school at 8:15 and most
afternoons until about 4:00. I can be available at other times upon request. You may always
come find me between classes or contact me by email.