Interactive Notebook Grading Tips

Interactive Notebook Grading Tips
M. Prepster, Murchison Middle School
Each teacher has unique ways of working with and grading interactive
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1. Assignment Sheet. I struggled with grading interactive notebooks for a while. I
wanted to have a quick and easy way to check that students were completing
their in-class assignments and finishing things for homework. I devised an
Interactive notebook assignment sheet (an example is attached below). I copy
these on colored paper so they are easy for the students to locate. At the
beginning of a new unit, I give students a copy of this sheet. As I assign work, I
have students log it on the sheet. When I am going to check something, I have
students open their notebook to the assignment and take out the sheet. If the
work is complete, I stamp a place next to where the assignment is logged. When
the unit is over, I only have to collect the sheets and give a point value to each
stamp. No more collecting notebooks and paging through them!!!!!