Weekly Update:

Weekly Update:
Thank you for all you do to continue to support your child and our school. Below is some information about what
we are doing in our class this week! Please try to reinforce this at home to help ensure success for your child.
Take home reading:
Tomorrow your student will be bringing home a letter to start our take home reading program. Please sign and
return it so your child can participate in our nightly program. The more they read, the better reader they will be!
Language Arts:
We are doing DRA assessments which tell us your child's independent reading level. We will continue to work on
finding “Just Right” reading books. We are also going to begin learning some of our reading strategies, including:
Look for chunks
Skip and go back
Check the picture
Look for the parts you know
Think” “What makes sense?”
Try using these strategies this week when reading with your child at home!
We will see a video showing how Eric Carle makes his pictures and paint our own paper. We will use that paper to
create a picture and write a story about it. We are practicing our uppercase letters.
We will continue our graphing unit. We will learn all the parts of a graph, what a graph is used for, how to read and
how to create our own graphs! We will also use tallies in our graph.
Social Science:
This week we will begin our Autumn unit as we look for signs of Autumn. We will also learn about Columbus Day.
In writing, we will continue to makes books with a good beginning, middle, and end. Students will continue to
stretch out their words to put a letter down for each sound they hear.
Word Study:
Please watch out for your child's new word study words. Please do not throw these away. Have your child cut
them out and practice sorting and reading their words. Keep them somewhere safe so that your child can do their
homework on Thursday night.
Questions to ask your child:
How does Eric Carle come up with ideas for his stories?
What are some signs of Autumn (Fall)?
As always, if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or call the school at 571-252-2120. Thank you
again for all you do!
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