Hello Kindergarten Families, Curriculum Literacy –Eric Carle Author/Illustrator Study Over the next few weeks we will be reading and studying the books of Eric Carle. These are the essential questions we will be answering. *How does what we learn about Eric Carle help us as an author and illustrator? *What decisions do authors and illustrators need to make when they plan, write, and illustrate stories? We will learn… *that authors tell a story across pages. *some authors draw the pictures first and then write the words. *illustrators use different medium for illustrations (Eric Carle uses painted paper). *the difference between fact and opinion. Math Your child’s report card will have grades for the following math strands. We have been working on the following “I can” statements. Number Sense I can say how many numbers are in a set. I can show which object is 1st, 2nd, etc. I can read and write numbers to 31. I can show numbers from 0 to 31 in different ways. I can count forward to 20 or higher. I can count back from 20. I can say a number that is one more or one less than an given number. I can put numbers from 0 to 20 in order. I can tell which set or number is more or less. Operations I can use objects and draw pictures to solve addition problems up to 10. I can use objects/pictures without counting, to show all the ways to make numbers up to 5. I can use objects/pictures without counting to break any number up to 5. Geometry -­‐3D Shapes I can recognize 3D shapes like cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres. I can sort by shapes and/or characteristics (such as big/little, # of faces, shape of faces). I can find 3D shapes in the world. Important Dates and Reminders No School Friday, March 11th –Staff Development March 21st-­‐25th –Spring Break Report Cards Report cards come home in your child’s backpack on Friday, March 18th. Memory Plates Last Friday you received information regarding a memory plate that we make in kindergarten. Please return the yellow form and $7 if you’d like to order. SNACKS! We could use some bulk snacks to share. Our lunch is early -­‐11am, so the students get mighty hungry in the afternoon. If you can donate a bulk snack to share we would greatly appreciate it. Crackers, popcorn, even fruit is great. Try to avoid any product with peanuts and/or gelatin due to allergies and diet restrictions. Thank you! PTO Read-­‐a-­‐Thon See your child’s Friday Folder for more information on this school fundraiser. It starts Monday, March 14th and goes until April 1st. Have a great week, Oak Ridge Kindergarten Team Mrs. Walrath Mrs. Siekmeier Ms. Herman Mrs. Snodgrass Mrs. Miller-­‐Johnson 
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