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7.5a: Narrative Structure
Climax: The turning point. This is the most
BLK: ________
important or exciting part of the story and
where the reader feels the most emotion.
Rising Action: The part of
Falling Action: The part of
the story in which the main
character begins learning
how to face life after the
conflict has been solved.
the story in which the main
character tries to solve his
or her problem (conflict).
The excitement increases.
Initiating Event: An event
which introduces the central
conflict in a story. .
Exposition: The introduction which includes:
Setting: The time and place in which the story happens.
Resolution: The conclusion of
Characters: The people and/or animals in the story.
tied up.
Conflict: The problem one of the main characters is facing
is introduced.
the story where loose ends are