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Narrative Elements Practice

To Build a Fire
Part 1: Plot
Identify what the exposition, complicating incident, climax, and denouement in in this short narrative.
Exposition: ___________________________________________________________________________
Complicating Incident: _________________________________________________ _________________
______ __________ __________________________________________________________________
Climax: _________________________________________________ _________________ ____________
__________ __________________________________________________________________________
Denouement: _________________________________________________________________________
Part 2: Setting
Where and when does this story take place?  _________________________________
Draw or describe the setting of this story
How does the setting impact the story?
Name: __________________________
Part 3: Characterization
Choose a character and write their name here  _________________________________
Write two things that the character does or says
that tell us something about them
What does this say about the character?
Circle what type(s) of character they are:
Part 4: Conflict
Give two examples of conflict from the narrative (they must be different kinds – eg character vs
character, character vs self). Identify the type of conflict as well as how it is resolved.
Conflict 2
Conflict 1
What is the conflict and who is
it between?
What kind of conflict is it?
(eg. Character vs character, character
vs nature)
How is it resolved?
Name: __________________________