Short Story Narrative

Short Story Narrative
You will be writing a short story about an important event that has happened in your life.
This can be something funny, sad, athletic, or motivating.
Because this is a narrative it must have the elements of a story: initiating event, rising
action, conflict, climax, and falling action.
The length is 1.5 pages minimum and 2.5 pages maximum.
I am looking for the elements of a story, grammar, and readability (is it interesting).
These are due: April 15.
You only have one computer lab time scheduled.
_____ Grammar (10 points)
_____ Intro paragraph is a full and complete paragraph (5 points)
_____ story is required length (5 points)
_____ Story contains the various elements required for a narrative: conflict, plot, setting, climax,
resolution, initiating event (20 points)
_____ Story explains an event, is organized and is easy to read (10 points)
_____ Story contains imagery (show don’t tell me about something) (10 points)
_____ Story is turned in on time (5 points)
_____/65 points