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cause and effect of cheating essay

Cause and effect essay of why students cheat
Today's life has become more challenging than at any time ever. People
should invest more time and effort to catch up, or they may try to do it more easily.
Many students get caught every year and they face consequences of this practice.
This essay will analyze the causes and impacts of cheating on an exam, work course
or any task.
Cheating becomes a practice among students and workers due to several
reasons. A lot of people, who cheat, do not have good time management. They
always postpone their work and when they become in the center of the storm, they
try to do anything to get out of that storm. Also, lack of interest is a cause for the
majority of people. For instance, here at KFUPM, engineering students have to study
a chemistry course despite they won't need it in practical life. Moreover, the number
of assignments have to be done in a short time with a perfect condition to get the
benefits of them. In other words, some weeks have a lot of assignments and exams
and all should handle out before the end of the week.
Consequently, cheating is impacting a myriad of consequences on the short
and long runs. There are some direct impacts on the person who cheats. One of
them is getting undeserved success. For example, when a student copies homework
and gets the marks for, he isn't achieving the purpose of the homework. Moreover, a
student or a worker may face the consequence of kicking out of the university or
employment. Other impacts occur in the long run of practicing cheating. As a result
of that, the person will probably unable to manage the real challenges of practical
In conclusion, this essay analyzed and illustrated the main reasons and effects
of cheating on an exam, homework or any type of task. The main cause of cheating is
bad time management and it concentrates on delaying and postponing the doing of
tasks. The main impact is that getting undeserved success. Thus, that will appear on
the real-life challenges. In my opinion, a person, who fails and knows his setbacks, is
better than getting undeserved success.