Woodland Hills High School Lesson Plans

Name: Mary Jane Probola
Date: 10/21/2014
Content Area: Chemistry
Woodland Hills High School
Lesson Plans
Length of Lesson: 2 week
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Lesson Topic (Standard/Anchor): S11.C.1.1.1
Student Objectives (Competencies/Outcomes):
Students will be able to: Explain the structure of
matter, its properties, and what happens when one
material comes in contact with another
 The student s will be able to calculate
measurements and calculations in chemistry
Stage I – Desired Results
Big Ideas: Everything around you is
concerned with chemistry and the
changes chemicals can undergo
Essential Questions: What is the
smallest unit of chemistry? What are
the classifications of chemistry?
Understanding Goals (Concepts): Everything
can be classified as matter, energy, or space
Vocabulary: energy, physical change,
chemical change, evaportation, endothermic,
exothermci, law of conservation of energy,
heat, kinectic, energy, temperature, specific
heat, scientific method, hypothesis,theory,
law, accuracy, precision
Stage II – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task: Students will complete their notebooks with daily
Other Evidence: students will complete group projects, quizzes on
notes on the right side of the page and charts graphs and assignments on vocabulary, unit tests
the left.
Stage III – Learning Plan
Materials & Resources: Chemistry books, binders, interactive notebook,
colored pencils, projector, video
Formative Assessment(s):
#1. Think-Pair-Share
#2. Graphic Organizers
#3. Summarizing Main Ideas
Instructional Procedures*: (includes mini-lessons)
Active Engagements used:
#1. Note-Taking
#2. Cooperative Education
Scaffolding used:
#1. Guided Notes
#2 . Teacher Promping
Describe usage:
Describe usage:
Date 10/20
Day B
Date 10/21
Day A
Date 10/22
Day B
 Chapter 2: read pages
 Use Biology4kids.com  Chapter 2 Section 3:
43-45 as a group,
to review the
read pages 54 -58.
summarize paragraphs
scientific method
Work on problems in
and key words. Answer
Skills Toolkit 2 and
1-8 as a group
Sample Problem A.
 students will answer #9,
 Students will complete
10 11 on pg. 45
practice pg 59 1-3.
 Do it Now: 5 scientific
 Do it Now: in 3 or
 Do it Now: In 3 or
notation and 5 significant
more lines describe
more lines explain the
figure problems
how a hypothesis
statement "No theory
differs from a theory.
is written in stone."
Day A
Day B
 Chapter 2 Section 3:
 Begin study guide on
Read pgs. 60-61, sirj ib
Chapter 2
Sample Problem B
 Students will complete
Practice pg 61 1-4
 Do it Now: "powers of
ten" video. Write 2-3
lines on your reaction
to what you saw.
* Include Active Engagement, Explicit Instruction, Metacognition, Modeling, & Scaffolding
 Do it Now: 5 specific
heat problems
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