Friday, April 29, 2016 Dear Parents,

Friday, April 29, 2016
Dear Parents,
This week, we have talked about two countries in our world: Kenya and Japan.
On Monday, we learned that a language spoken in Kenya is called: Swahili. “Jambo,
Rafiki,” means “Hello, Friend”.
On Tuesday, we read our Shared Reading poem: Countries In Our World. This
poem can be found on the FDES Kindergarten webpage. It has beautiful
photographs of people and places in Kenya and Japan.
On Wednesday, we reviewed the continents on which each of these countries is
located. Can you find Kenya and Japan on a world map or globe?
On Thursday, we created beautiful paintings of cherry trees in bloom. Can you
guess which country gave the United States a gift of cherry trees? Do you know
where they were planted?
On Friday, we learned to say: “Hello” in Japanese. We can say: “Konnichi wa” or
The Kindergarten Stars