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Kenya Project
Your aim is to earn at least 15 stars during your homework project by completing any of the activities you wish. You will choose from nine homework project tasks linked
with the topic. You will choose from a range of 3, 4 and 5 star activities relating to culture, fair trade and tourism. You need to present
You should highlight on the grid below the activities you have attempted to complete.
Make sure each piece of work in your book is carefully labelled.
Projects need to be completed and handed in by Friday 12th July.
Learning Style
I think I have earned
3 stars
4 stars
Kenya is a diverse country with a wide
range of landscapes and climates.
Fair Trade
Your research should answer the following
topic questions:
Four out of five Kenyans work on the land,
growing crops either for themselves or to sell,
often earning very little money.
5 stars
Safari Guide
Find out about Kenya’s National Parks.
Why do people go?
What can you see and do?
What and where are some of Kenya's main
physical features?
What and where are Kenya’s different climate
Also find out about either:
The Great Rift Valley - how it was formed, or,
Droughts and flooding in Kenya - why they
occur and their impacts.
Research what fair trade is and the how this
may support Kenyans working on the land.
Maasai Tribe
Silhouette Picture
Traditional Home
Find out about the African Maasai tribe.
A silhouette is a picture of a person, object or
scene coloured in black. It can make very
striking art work. You may like to find some
silhouettes to give you ideas.
Find out about traditional homes in Kenya.
What do they look like?
What are they made out of?
Record what you find out in an interesting and
exciting way, possibly a poster.
You could also make a colourful, beaded
earring, bracelet or necklace that the Maasai
might wear or sell.
Find out about the Fair trade symbol and what
it represents. What fair trade foods can you
find in your local supermarket?
Make a silhouette of an African scene at
sunset. Think about what shapes you will
colour in black and what colours the
background will be.
Design a safari guide giving information about
what people can see and do in the National
Remember to think carefully about your
presentation to persuade people to go.
Make a model of a traditional home. You could
use materials like lolly sticks, cardboard,
straw, twigs, string and wool.
Book Review
Letter to the Government
Tourist Guide
Find an African story on the internet, in your
local library or at school.
Even today, not all children can go to school in
Africa. Some can’t afford books or uniform.
Some live too far away from school to walk
with no other form of transport.
Lots of people visit Narobi, Kenya’s capital,
for holidays.
Write a book review including.
Who the main characters in the story were?
What it was about?
What was your favourite part of the story and
What was the most exciting part of the story
and why?
Did you learn anything from the story?
Who would you recommend this story to?
You could also give it a star rating out of 5.
Write a persuasive letter to the African
government, asking them to help families who
cannot afford to send their children to school.
Remember to plan and paragraph your letter
using features like exaggeration, rhetorical
questions and sentence openers like, ‘There
are three reasons why’, ‘Furthermore’, ‘I
Design a tourist magazine including
information about where to go, what to do and
where to stay.
Remember to make it as persuasive as possible
by including appealing descriptions.
You could include pictures and quotations from
travellers who have been there before and
enjoyed their stay.
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