Flipping an Elementary Classroom? You Can

Flipping an Elementary Classroom? You Can
Flip inside classroom (centers and independent)
Digital Learning Center
Video Center
Discovery Education
Start easy task
Home - Family Resources
Modify/Blended Approach: Digital learning stations, student-created videos, easy
web base resources
Make rooms for Science and Social Studies in your day
Board Builder (use as Centers) -- CHECK THIS OUT
Kids must work cooperatively - make coowners of pages
Do whole group lesson - video - 3 group members - start with 1 or 2 groups
(experts), debrief - feedback at end (what worked, what didn't)
Edpuzzle - type into software - CHECK THIS OUT
Use video like text - noise level manageable EX: Rewatch video - take turns ,
supportive, cooperative; Assign a Tech Coach (classroom), Make heterogenous
Make sure all students are confident BEFORE sending it home.
Resources: Discovery, NearPod, Edmodo, Edpuzzle
Student Created Videos - motivates, reinforces, demonstrates the content to
parent; CONS: Consume class time, required media releases, makes DVD for
those not with permission
Images: Wikimedia commons
BoardBuilder (Discovery Education) - uses teacher account instead of student
FREE: Edpuzzle.com - finds YouTube, TedEd, cuts videos, has searchable quiz, can
Click and insert quiz (open ended), Edmodo Login (students), get quiz results - see
what they did
iMovie - Teacher starts (reading group) students take over
Take video notes
Edmodo - class code
Daily 5 - Flip?
BoardBuilder - create within District (in Discovery Ed) - games, videos, graphic