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What is it?
TubeChop is a free tool that makes it easy to trim and
chop a specific section from any YouTube video using a
simple to use web editor. The final clip can be
shared via link or video player embed.
Great for presentations or lectures, sli.do allows you
to crowdsource questions to direct the flow of the
lecture. Students can vote for approved questions and
then the faculty member can answer them with ease.
To create infographics, use Piktochart! We've used this
for reporting numbers in a more aesthetically pleasing
way as well as creating newsletters for our faculty.
Poll Everywhere allows you to collect responses from
your students via text messaging. Since its inception
Poll Everywhere as improved and now students can
also respond to poll questions through a web browser,
a smartphone app, or even Twitter. One of the neat
ways to display feedback gathered through Poll
Everywhere is in word clouds. The word cloud feature
integrates with Wordle, Tagxedo, and Tagul.
With EDpuzzle you can build an interactive, online
lesson around a pre-existing video. Incorporate video
from EDpuzzle's library of videos from sites like
YouTube, Khan Academy, and TED, or upload your
own video.
Who would use it?
Faculty and students
Poll Everywhere
Screencastify works in conjunction with Chrome as a
Chrome plug-in.
Engage and assess students during lectures with
graphical representation of student responses. Also
allows students to ask questions.
Faculty and students
Camtasia allows you to both record a screencast and
then edit it once it is complete. Blur out sensitive
information or highlight important sections of your
screencast all in one program.
Faculty and students
Faculty and students
Faculty and students
Faculty and students
How would you use it?
Students could use this to create their own
videos demonstrating a concept. Faculty
could cut sections of an existing video to
illustrate an example.
Faculty could use to question student’s
comprehension of the material immediately.
Students can use it and respond without
having to be singled out.
Faculty can also use this to present data or
information to their students in a more
interesting fashion.
Faculty could use to question student’s
comprehension of the material immediately.
Students can use it and respond without
having to be singled out.
Faculty can edit video inside the tool to show
only the snippets you want students to see.
Monitor student activity via the EDpuzzle
dashboard. EDpuzzle will annotate which
students watched the video and how each
scored on the embedded quizzes.
Faculty can easily download and use to create
lessons or instruction in the comfort of their
Faculty can launch a quiz, receive exit tickets,
or ask a quick question for instant student
feedback. Students feel more engaged and
involved by answering and asking questions.
Faculty could create screencasts and
incorporate video and audio for a
professional looking video.
10. Prezi
Qualtrics is a survey tool that allows for pulling data
and gaining information from a survey.
Faculty and students
"Create and present presentations anytime,
anywhere." Prezi is a nice alternative to PowerPoint.
A subscription would allow for more options and
multiple presentations.
Faculty and students
Faculty can create surveys to access
placement of students prior to class, gage
opinions, or just gather specific information.
Students can voice their knowledge or
opinions in an online survey
Faculty can engage students with attractive
presentations. Students can create their own
class project presentations.
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