Math 101.01 Quiz 2 22 January 1999

Math 101.01
Quiz 2
22 January 1999
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Show all pertinent work clearly and neatly! Points will be deducted for missing, incorrect or unclear
work. No partial credit will be given to an incorrect result without any work showing. Draw a circle
or a box around your answer.
1. (5 points) Imagine that while standing at the edge of a 200 feet above a wishing well you threw a
penny straight up in the air (see picture) with an initial velocity of 62 feet per second.
a. When does the penny reach its maximum height?
What is the maximum height of the penny?
When does the penny land in the well?
(5 points) Suppose that some nice person has graphed a set of constraint equations below. Use the
graph they left to solve the following problem.
Maximize P  8x  y
Subject to:
4 x  2 y  28
2 x  3 y  24