Document 17564891

Enterprise Systems Committee (ESC)
May 5, 2003
Present: Bill Post, Brooke Banks, Phyllis Weddington, Len Fisk, Don Graham, Jeff Wright,
Arno Rethans, Wendi Beane, Charlie Crabb, Bob Hannigan, Ed Masterson, Dennis Graham, Kim
1. Fee Based Modem Service
Feedback regarding whether to charge faculty, staff and students for modem service is
requested of committee. Communications Services (CSRV) has put forth a proposal to
charge $9.95 a month for the modem service that is currently free. This free service costs the
university approximately $50,000 a year. CSRV hopes to get at least enough revenues to
support the modem service. It is possible that we could offer the same service to outside
agencies/other municipal organizations (as some have requested that we offer the service).
Those revenues could offset other costs of technologies on campus, including TII equipment
refresh and Network Management software maintenance. We would hope to begin charging
for free modem service in fall 2003.
After much discussion, chair suggested staff follow up on where we might currently advertise
free modem service to students (catalog). More discussion will be forthcoming in a future
2. CMS Progress Report
The Student Module project implementation and Financials Module upgrade timeline was
distributed. So far, the Student project is moving very well. It was set up to move at a slower
pace than the previous two projects.
A copy of the monthly progress report that our CMS project manager sends to the
chancellor's office was distributed. The reports are available on the web and one can access
any campus’ report to see how they are progressing. Reports are generally posted by the
second week of the month.
3. Security
We are responding to the chancellor’s office mandate that campuses re-certify computer
system users on campus. All SIS+ users will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement
within the next few weeks in order to comply.
4. Wireless Update
Staff will be meeting with equipment vendors in the next two weeks. More will be known
about the timing of implementation in the next couple of weeks.
5. Adjournment
All other discussions were deferred to a future meeting.