– Current Popular IT IV – T0693 Tugas Review

Tugas Review – Current Popular IT IV – T0693
Module 2
Review Questions
1. Which device can make smart decisions on how to send data from one segment to
a. Bridge
b. Router
c. Hub
d. Switch
2. The industry standard for the serial line interface is the Electronic Industries
Association (EIA)?
a. SR-323S
b. RS-323C
c. RS-232S
d. RS-232C
3. Which is NOT a type of modem?
a. Internal PCI slot
b. External COM1/COM2
c. Built in to Laptop/Notebooks
d. Internal ISE slot
4. A modem command always begins with a set of attention characters, _______,
followed by the command characters?
a. AD
b. AT
c. AM
d. AA
5. What is an advantage of Cable over DSL?
a. Already existing cable TV with plenty of bandwidth
b. Voice and data travel on the same line
c. Backward compatible with analog phones
d. A shared media structure